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When forced to think about your future and what will happen in the event of your passing, it can be difficult to imagine. However, taking a few simple steps to prepare for the future can eliminate stresses for your family members and possibly help avoid the need to go to the surrogate’s court.

At John A. Cappellini, Attorney at Law, you can trust that you will have my support for all of your legal needs. From my office in Cuba, New York, I handle a broad range of legal issues pertaining to estate/probate law, and planning for wills and trusts.

The Estate Planning Basics

Estate plans don’t have to be highly complicated. In fact, if you work with an experienced lawyer this process can be fairly straightforward. When I work with my clients, I first evaluate their situation. This includes looking at assets and debts, and how they want to distribute their assets once they have passed. A comprehensive estate plan can include some (or all) of the following:

  • Will
  • Trust
  • Guardianship

I can help answer your questions, determine whether or not you need a trust and consult on related issues such as Medicare and Medicaid planning, long-term insurance care, and more. In addition, I can advise on how to deal with real estate with regard to your estate plan.

Litigating Contested Wills, Trusts And Estates

Sometimes after the passing of a loved one, issues arise that cause conflict between family members and those dealing with estates. I handle a wide variety of surrogate’s court litigation, and I am experienced at negotiating on my clients’ behalf. If your situation cannot be settled through skillful negotiations, I am ready to take your case to court.

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Please contact me at 585-672-3626 to schedule your first appointment. You will meet directly with me for your first consultation and throughout your case. Located in Cuba, I handle cases in Allegany County and surrounding New York areas.