A Responsive Local Attorney With 25 Years Of Experience Fighting For You

After A DWI Arrest, Do Not Wait. Hire An Attorney ASAP.

It is of the greatest importance to you, your license and your potential criminal record to fight DWI charges. A DWI arrest is not an automatic guilty verdict even if you failed a breath test or field sobriety test. At the very minimum, fighting charges can help reduce penalties, in some cases significantly. At John A. Cappellini, Attorney at Law, I have over two decades of experience helping those charged with a New York DWI. Call me at 585-672-3626 and find out how I can help.

Knowing How To Effectively Challenge The Evidence

There are numerous complications when it comes to dealing with drunk driving offenses that only a lawyer will be familiar with. I have extensive experience guiding clients through the DWI legal process and have developed strategies for defending DWI charges. The key to a successful strategy is analyzing and challenging the facts and circumstances surrounding the arrest. This includes:

  • Breath test refusals
  • Field sobriety tests
  • High blood alcohol content (BAC)
  • Refusal hearings
  • License revocation and DWI
  • Traffic stops

As a local and responsive attorney with decades of experience in defense of those charged, I am prepared to begin your defense the moment I take your case.

Many Reasons To Act Quickly

There are quite a few reasons to get in touch with an attorney right after an arrest. These include that an investigation by your attorney needs to happen before any evidence is destroyed. I may need to contact and speak with witnesses, videotape or take pictures of the weather or conditions at the time of the arrest, establish a verifiable timeline and review all records of the stop and the arrest. If law enforcement has made errors, I can often get a case dismissed or the charges reduced. But I will need to be able to prove this. The closer to the time of the arrest that I am involved, the greater amount of reliable information I have to deal with.

Let’s Talk About Your Defense

Getting arrested is a scary experience. You likely have questions about what to do and not to do and what you can expect. I am here to help. Schedule a DWI defense meeting with me. Call 585-672-3626. Calling is best, but you can reach me online, too. My office is in Allegany County, and I handle DWI defense cases in Cuba, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua counties.