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Being charged with a crime doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. Any person can be at the wrong place at the wrong time and face criminal charges. Whether you are charged with a minor or serious offense, it is important you have aggressive legal representation from a criminal defense lawyer.

I am attorney John Cappellini, and I represent individuals facing criminal charges in Cuba, New York, and the surrounding areas. I understand the negative impact of a criminal conviction and will work hard to help prevent a criminal offense from burdening your future.

Why Act Right Away?

Most people know that they have the right to legal counsel if they are arrested or charged with a crime, but they do not think about how quickly they need to contact one. It is critical to remember that the sooner you have someone representing your interests, the better.

Why is it important to act quickly? Because as time goes by, it becomes harder and harder to track down evidence. Witnesses may have left the area and may not be easily located. Getting eyewitness accounts right after an event can be crucial to your defense. The memory of the details may fade as time moves forward.

Remember, from the moment you are arrested, an entire team of enforcement professionals is building their case against you. Working with an attorney to preserve evidence and build your defense is crucial.

I Can Help You With Many Types Of Charges

As an attorney with decades of local experience in criminal defense matters, I understand the local process, the state laws and how the courts operate. There are several charges that I handle regularly for my clients. These include:

  • DWI charges: I can help both first-time and repeat offenders with DWI charges. I also protect the careers and driving privileges of people having commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) who are charged with DWI.
  • Drug offenses: I understand how to effectively defend against marijuana charges, drug possession, prescription and opioid drug crimes, and other drug and paraphernalia charges.
  • Traffic tickets: I can help ensure that you have the right to drive to work, school or to meet the needs of your family. Turn to me for help with speeding, reckless driving or running a red light/stop sign charges. I can help if you’ve been charged with driving without a license, driving on a suspended license or related moving citation or charge.

If you are worried about how a charge or arrest will affect your insurance rates, record or ability to get to and from your job, call and arrange a consultation. I will tell you what I can do for you, and we can decide how to move forward from there.

Schedule A Consultation Today

If you have questions or need to schedule an appointment, call me at 585-672-3626. I know what is at stake for you, and I offer aggressive legal representation for every client. Call or connect with me via my online form if you are located in Cuba, Allegany County or a surrounding New York community and need proven legal assistance and representation.