A Responsive Local Attorney With 25 Years Of Experience Fighting For You

About John A. Cappellini, Attorney at Law

I have a vast background and offer my clients wealth of experience as both a lawyer and in careers before attending law school. When choosing legal counsel, I believe it is important to work with someone who is both legal experience and knowledge of the local community.

I am a former farmer and a U.S. Air Force veteran who previously worked as a helicopter mechanic. My work experience prior to becoming an attorney is often beneficial to my clients, as I understand some of the issues that they face. When working with me, you can trust that I will try to resolve the issues you face as quickly yet effectively as possible.

You Are My Client

My practice is focused on representing everyday individuals who face legal issues. I understand that dealing with a legal battle can be overwhelming and disrupt your daily life. I am here to help alleviate the strains of complicated legal issues. I handle a number of legal practice areas (which often overlap), including estates law, real estate law, criminal law and personal injury law.

When you are my client, you are my sole focus. You get 100 percent of my attention, all the time. I establish a strong working relationship with my clients and commit to maintaining open lines of communication, especially when it comes to changes to your case.

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Contact My Firm

Please contact me at 585-672-3626 to schedule your first consultation. I serve clients in Allegany County and the surrounding New York areas.